The All-Time Favorite Beers of our Employees

Have you ever been curious to what our servers, brewers, or even owners’ favorite beers are!? Well, today I found out what their favorite beer is on tap right now so you can come down and try them out for yourself, and their all-time favorite beers that we have brewed here at Draught Works Brewery!

It was an interesting score with the Sophia Loren Sour Brown coming out as a current crowd favorite, but she was no match for the all-time greats that we have had over the years! Take a look at the results below, and get to know our employees and beers a little bit better!

Matt Blair (Brewer)

Matt Blair

On Tap: Sophia Loren Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale

“I love that it is barrel aged, and the complexity of it is so unique. It is a true work of art.”

All-time: Soul City Kolsch

“It is a great, easy to drink beer with a mild spice to it. But why I love it the most is because in the summer time, it’s a light, easy, drinkable beer that you can have multiple of and still enjoy your day.”

Kori Christianson (Marketing Manager)

On Tap: Sophia Loren Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale

“I love sours in general, and this is the most complex sour we have had so far!”

All-time: My Ruca American Pale Ale

“This is my all-time favorite because it has all the tropical, American flavors of an IPA, but is much easier to drink!”

Paul Marshall (Owner/Brewmaster)

Paul Marshall

On Tap: Sophia Loren Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale

“This is our most sophisticated sour to date, and it is so unique to Draught Works Brewery.”

All-time: Last Rites Mexican Chocolate Porter

“Every time we have this beer on, everyone says it is the best beer – because it is. But every year we also tell ourselves that we never have enough of it!”

Honorable Mention: Late Bloomer Hibiscus Saison (red wine barrel aged)

“The hibiscus flowers give it a nice, tart finish – I just felt it needed an honorable mention, just a little recognition for another of my favorite beers.”

Heather (Accountant)

On tap: Brussels Simmons Belgian Pale Ale

“I love the after taste of this beer, it is so good!”

All-time: Scepter Head IPA

“I love the amount of hops in this beer, and you cannot find another beer like it in this town.”

Jeff Grant (Owner/Brewmaster)

Jeff Grant

 On Tap: Sophia Loren Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale

“The Draught Works sour project has been going on now for 5 consecutive beers, and it is a new avenue to explore different types of beers. It is fun getting to experiment with science and art of creating sours, and it’s always fun to taste the outcome!”

All-time: Scepter Head IPA

“I love the hops and the topical, citrus flavor. It was also a gold medal winner in 2014! And I’m huge into the IPA market and am always trying to make ours better.”

Ryan Tripepi (Brewer)


On Tap: Sophia Loren Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale

“When you make sours, they come out different every time which makes for half the fun! With the current market, sours are fairly new in that not many people are familiar with them, which makes it fun for us to be able to bring that to the community.”

All-time: Biere de Laissez Faire Biere de Garde

“I love what Belgian yeast does for beer, and the flavor that comes with it. It is an drinkable beer, yet complex! The title is our version of zero _____ given.”

Andrew Crompton (Server)

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On tap: Quill Pig Czech Pilsner

“It is bready, yet sweet. And right now I really enjoy drinking it.”

All-time: Soul City Kolsch

“It has great flavor! It is light and refreshing – a perfect summer beer! Because it is so light, it’s easy to drink a lot of them. Plus, I got a lot of soul.”

Paul Trail

Paul Trail

On Tap: Nine Circles Helles Lager

“It is a clean, easy to drink beer.”

All-time: Muddy Udder Milk Stout

“This was the 1st beer I have ever had from Draught Works Brewery, and it was at the Garden City Brew Festival.  I loved that beer so much it was the reason I came into the brewery, and since then it has been all down hill since then… for my liver.”

Now that you know what some of our favorite beers are, come on in and try them for yourself and find what your favorite beer is! We would love to know!


Draught Works

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