Libations for a Celebration of Gratitude: Be Prepared for a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

May we suggest filling your growler on Monday, enjoying a pint on us. It could be a great time to pause…and pencil out your strategy for dinner or list all the things we can be grateful for in life. The best deal in town on growler fills is right here at Draught Works on Mondays. Every Monday is Growler Monday! What does this mean you ask? Well this means that if you come to Draught Works to fill your growler next Monday, you will get a pint of your choosing on us! That means, Monday, November 24 is the best day to fill your growlers in preparation for Thanksgiving. Your Thanksgiving meal will be exponentially better if you wash it all down with some great Draught Works beer!

Worried that your beer will go bad by the time Thursday rolls around if you fill them up on Monday? Have no worries my friends. Here at Draught Works, our taproom gals will seal it up right with a superior tape job. As long as you don’t break the seal before you are ready to drink it, your beer will be as fresh as that free pint you enjoyed on Monday. After you open it, the beer should be consumed within 48 hours. There you have it, proper growler storage straight from the experts!

Don’t have a growler yet? Looking to upgrade or add to your collection? Name your style of growler and we have it. We have 40oz and 64 oz growlers. We have stainless steel, vacuum sealed & insulated, and your good ole’ amber glass growlers.

Growler StorageBlack Insulated Growler







Fun fact: we use amber glass in our glass growlers since light turns the beer’s flavor rather skunky and amber glass keeps the light out.

Whatever your growler or beer needs you may have for Thanksgiving, Draught Works has got you covered. We hope you include us in your celebration this year.

Happy Thanksgiving From the Draught Works Team!

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