Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Communities depend on people who are always lending a helping hand, going the extra mile, or always doing the little things that add up in the end to make positive change in the world. We feel Missoula has a lot of these people; folks who are always giving back and expect nothing in return but a happy community. That is why we wanted to start Thankful Thursday; to bring these people out of the dark, and thank them for all the hard work they do for Missoula. Thankful Thursday is a new development that we have started here at Draught Works Brewery, and it’s our way to acknowledge our community we live in and those who strive to make it better.

We like to recognize outstanding volunteers and non-profit employees who go above and beyond to make our community a better place. With that being said, each month on the first Thursday, we choose a local nonprofit to highlight and thank one of their outstanding volunteers or employees for all they do in our community. The recipient will get a free pint plus a pint for 3 friends of their choosing. This way they can be rewarded and enjoy their accomplishment with others!

For example last month we chose Blue Mountain Clinic Family Practice and Trinda Rieck, Advancement Director! We asked Trinda what she is thankful for and this is what she said “I’m thankful to the Missoula community, who has supported Blue Mountain Clinic for the last 40 years. For allowing us to care for you and your families AND ensuring access to safe and legal abortion care in Montana. I am humbled by the amount of love we are shown every day.”

If you have someone in mind that fits this bill, please email and let her know who and why they deserve to be recognized! We know there are a lot of great people out there doing amazing work in our community, so help us reward them with a beer on us!


Draught Works Brewery

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