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If you aren’t familiar with taproom laws in Montana, it can be a bit confusing when you come into Draught Works and are handed two tickets along side your beer. Montana taproom laws are a little funky compared to other states (but then again, every state has it’s own laws).

In Montana, however, breweries who produce over 100 barrels but under 10,000 barrels of beer are considered “Microbreweries”, though most just stick with the communal term, brewery. These breweries are restricted in their taprooms to only serving 48 ounces of beer per day. Some breweries sell 12-ounce beers, which allows for 4 beers/day, whereas we serve 16-ounce beers, which limits you to 3 beers/day. This is the reason we use the tickets, to be able to manage how many beers each person consumes a day.

Many people who are new to the law don’t quite understand why taprooms are succumbed to only serving a limited volume, but as I said before every state has their own, quirky laws – this is one of ours. Now, next time you stop by a brewery that only allows you to consume 3 beers, you know it’s the law, and not just an in-house rule.

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