Summertime in Missoula

Summertime in Missoula

Summertime In Missoula

Come summertime, Missoula becomes a different kind of atmosphere than any other time of the year. The students leave for the summer, cars are swapped for bicycles, and the countless events that occur almost on weekly basis are what turn this town into a paradise that locals thrive on. The thing about Missoula is there is always something to do; you have to work to become bored.

Weekly Events:

Every Saturday morning the Farmers market is up and running, rain or shine. We have three markets in Missoula all along Higgins Avenue. Below the bridge is the Clark Fork Market, in front of Jimmy Johns and Sushi Hana on East Pine Street is the peoples market where people sell their crafts, and down by the 4 red X’s on East Alder Street is the Missoula Market. The Missoula Market is a bit smaller in size compared to the Clark Fork Market, but still has produce, coffee, baked goods, live music, etc. They also set up their market on Tuesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. The Clark Fork Market is much bigger in scale and has a more options for food to grab delicious food for breakfast or lunch. They also have live music, baked goods, meat, cheese, produce, flowers, etc. all for sale down under the bridge. The best thing to do is to check out all three, and make a morning of it! Start at one end, and venture from one market to the next, and start to create your own list of favorite vendors!

Every Thursday at Caras Park is Downtown Tonight, where all the food trucks, and vendors set up shop for the community to enjoy an evening together while listening to live music! Caras Park is right beside the Clark Fork River, which makes it fun to watch people surf Brennan’s Wave. This event is always a great time to get out of the house for an evening, and enjoy the outside!

Every Wednesday is Out To Lunch as Caras Park, which is very similar to Downtown Tonight where there are numerous food vendors to choose from as well as live music. This is always fun to enjoy especially on hump day, when you need a pick me up during the middle of the week!

If you enjoy dancing and want to get better, or have wanted to learn to dance, the Sunrise Saloon holds dance lessons every Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7 PM for $5.00! It is an awesome time to get you out of the house, and learn something new! You don’t need to bring a partner; just your dancing shoes, and then relax and have fun!

Every Monday evening is SIN (Service Industry Night) at Plonk Wine Bar downtown. If you work in the service industry, give yourself a night to unwind and head to Plonk for a happy hour like menu that lasts all night!

The first Friday of every month is First Friday where shops stay open later, and typically have an artist on display! Walk around downtown, check out all the art in the shops, and enjoy a drink or two. This is an awesome time to meet and greet all the local artists, and see what they have been up to the past month!

If live music is what you’re craving, you never have to look far in Missoula. Just here at Draught Works Brewery we have live music every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All around town there is live music almost every day whether it’s at one the nine breweries, three distilleries, countless bars, or numerous music venues. You are bound to find awesome live entertainment!

If you are interested in either Trivia or Bingo, the Thomas Meagher bar has Trivia on Tuesdays, and Bingo on Wednesdays every week! A great way to get downtown and enjoy a friendly game night!

The Thirst Gear is a bike trolley that you and 14 friends can rent out for the night if you want a fun way to tour the bars and breweries of downtown Missoula! Instead of drinking and driving, hop on this baby to bike your way to the next drink! It is a ton of fun, and a great event for a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party!

This is just a brief list of the countless options that Missoula has to offer on a weekly basis! This doesn’t include the never-ending festivals that occur regularly, and the popup events that you come across day to day. Missoula is a thriving town, and it thrives due to our supportive community – we wouldn’t have these events if we didn’t participate in them!

So next time you are bored, and feel there is nothing going on, take a stroll downtown and you are bound to run into an event going on! The best thing about a summer in Missoula is being present in the moment, and taking advantage of our location and the opportunities that we have access too! Missoula summers are the best kept secrets in Montana, and we feel blessed to partake in them year after year!


Draught Works Brewery

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