Sour Stout

Sour Stout

This Saturday, on our Customer Appreciation Day, we are releasing our new Sour Stout that has been aged for 7 months in mixed red wine barrels! We are very excited about this beer to be released, and none other than on the day we are celebrating you, our customer!

This beer is a combination of rich, roasty flavors budding from the stout blend, and a pleasant, energizing tartness that stems from the sour base. Together, these were mixed and put into red wine barrels, and placed in the cellar for aging. The aging process added many different layers and elements to this beer including some oxidization, which will add a smooth feel, some subtle oak flavors, and additional wine aromas to finish off this complex beer.

Some may be confused where a stout and sour can infuse together and create a pleasant aroma, but when paired correctly, these two diverse beers create a dynamic duo. Just as the saying goes, opposites attract; these two beers do just that, and compliment each other in a well-balanced way.

Cheers & Beers,

Draught Works

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