Pineapple Express IPA


Our infamous Pineapple Express IPA is by far one of our fan favorites! The moment we run out we are always receiving the question of when will it be back, and though it is a seasonal, we are always trying to keep it in rotation. Today, I got a little insight from our brewers to understand the when, where, and why process of adding the fruit flavors to this delectable beer.

Obviously, Pineapple Express is brewed as an IPA and at selective points we add the fruit puree. The fruit puree that we use is 100% fruit, and why we use the puree is because they extract out all the seeds, and pits and the stuff we don’t want in the beer. It saves us time, but also ensures that we don’t accidently add additional parts of the fruit into the brewing process.

The fruit is added after primary fermentation, on the cold side of the brew, so as not to strip any of the fruit flavors from the beer, but also to compliment the hops without masking the fruit aromas.

This beer is one of our prized possessions, and is definitely a seasonal we try to bring back more often than not!

Cheers & Beers,

Draught Works Brewery

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