New Flagship Beer: My Ruca

My Ruca

New Flagship Beer: My Ruca American Pale Ale

Draught Works is excited to announce the addition of My Ruca American Pale Ale to our everyday flagship beer lineup! That means it will always be available here in our taproom for your drinking pleasure! The West-Coast-Style pale ale has become popular as a more approachable and drinkable alternative to American IPAs, with all of the huge tropical and citrus hop aromas and flavors that folks have come to love, but with less bitterness. Overall, My Ruca American Pale Ale is a refreshing and extremely drinkable West Coast-Style Pale Ale that appeals to a wide variety of craft beer drinkers.

The name pays homage to the band Sublime, whose West Coast ska/punk music of the early 1990’s is beloved by many millennial craft beer drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their music calls to mind lazy days spent lounging in tropical breezes and sipping on cold beer with good friends. My Ruca American Pale Ale pairs perfectly with a wide range of foods including roasted or grilled meats, fresh-caught Montana trout, mild cheddar cheese, and fruity desserts.

“I’ve been waiting for My Ruca, or “one and only love”. Citrusy and tropical flavors abound in this American Pale Ale. This is our take on a “West Coast-Style” Pale Ale, which refers to the hop varieties used and the flavors they impart (delicious ones). Well-balanced, easy-drinking, pleasant (hop) character: all of the makings of a perfect soulmate, uh… I mean beer. We think you’ll find My Ruca to be sublime.”

My Ruca

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