Montana Snowbowl

Montana SnowbowlLooking for more a exciting place to drink a Draught Works brew than our taproom? Head on out to the bowl.

Located only 20 minutes from downtown Missoula, Montana Snowbowl has been providing Missoula with a challenging and rewarding ski experience since 1961. From the original Bierstube bar to the current Last Run Inn, there has always been a great place to grab a beer on the mountain. Famous for the Bloody Marys and pizza, you can also grab a refreshing Scepter Head at the Last Run Inn.

One of the most popular events in Missoula is the annual Snowbowl Cup Gelande Championship. The Gelande is a two day ski jump event attracting national media as well as jumpers from all over the U.S. The Montana Snowbowl Cup boasts an $8,000 cash purse, collected from local sponsors. Annually, the last weekend of February. With the restaurant and bar located smack dab in front of the natural jump, spectators can watch this exciting event in complete comfort. May we suggest a spicy Hawaiian pizza accompanied by a fresh Scepter Head?

Gelandesprung literally means terrain jump. Snowbowl boasts the only natural Gelandesprung in the United States still used for competition. The first Gelandesprung hill was built using an old mine tailings pile for a landing hill and a snow built ramp for a take-off. Unfortunately, due to unseasonably warm February weather, the Gelande has been cancelled this year.

Montana SnowbowlLast year, the U.S. Forest Service approved an expansion that would almost double the size of Snowbowl, including four new lifts and a total of 80 runs. We are excited about what the future will bring for our humble hometown ski area! Cheers to another 53 years!

Montana Snowbowl

Don’t forget to order yourself a picked egg to pair with your Scepter Head IPA – it even comes in a shot glass.


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