Huckleberry Madness


Huckleberries in general are expensive to acquire, which makes huckleberry hunting an even more cutthroat pursuit. Huckleberry patches are prime territory and to protect from other pickers, these patches become highly classified regions amongst locals in Montana. Nobody wants to divulge his or her huckleberry sanctuary because even just revealing the secret to one person means exposing your gold to the world.

This past Monday we brewed our Huckleberry sour, which includes over 200 pounds of local huckleberries. We retrieved these huckleberries from a family we met at the farmers market whose whole family hand picked every huckleberry in this batch of beer. This beer is one of our favorites, and we pride ourselves on using fresh, local ingredients in everything we can, and this includes the huckleberries used during the brewing process of our Huckleberry Sour.

Huckleberries are a serious deal here in Montana; people don’t take lightly to “their” crops being imposed on. We are thrilled to have access to the amount of huckleberries it takes to make this sour, but it doesn’t come cheap. Huckleberries have always been on the high end when it comes to purchasing, but we understand that quality ingredients are worth the price as they create a trickling effect in all stages of our business. Quality crops is twofold when it comes the brewing process; first, it makes the brewers happy when there is no discharge of unwanted byproducts when processing each ingredient, and secondly, having high quality ingredients supports a high quality end product. We value our customers, and that means serving them a beer of high standards to enjoy!

Our Huckleberry Sour is one of our favorites and we have been looking forward to it all year! Stay tuned for the release date, and be sure to get here soon after fore it won’t last long!


Draught Works

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