Flavors Fumunda the Equator

If you have just crawled out fumunda a rock, you may not have heard that our Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA is back on tap here at Draught Works and about to be on tap at a Montana bar near you.

Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA

So what exactly does “Southern Hemisphere IPA” mean? It means that all the hops used in this beer are native to/grown in Australia and New Zealand, i.e. “fumunda the equator”. In recent years, Southern Hemisphere hops, from Australia and New Zealand have become increasingly popular in the craft brewing industry. Traditional American and European hops have been replaced with these exotic and flavorful hop varieties with names such as Ella, Galaxy, Enigma, Topaz and Summer that impart lingering overtones of peach, passionfruit melon and apricot to their beers. Hops are typically grown in the Victoria and Tasmanian regions of Australia and the Nelson region of New Zealand, which provide the moist, temperate climates that hops thrive in.

Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA

One benefit to using Southern Hemisphere hops is that they have a different harvesting season (Feburary-April) than the Northern Hemisphere (August-October), making them fresher at different times of the year.

So what does this exotic brew taste like exactly? Get ready for a sensory adventure down under. Taste the stone fruits from the nether regions down south (from the southern hemisphere, ya perve). This India Pale Ale exclusively features hops from New Zealand and Australia (Fumunda the Equator). Galaxy (Australia), Rakau (New Zealand) and Australian Summer (Australia) hops lend a citrusy nose and flavor notes of grapefruit, mango, peach and apricot. This very hop forward IPA is a single malt ale brewed with Montana malted two-row barley. this allows the unique hops to be at the forefront of the beers profile.

Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA

Staring this week, Draught Works will be rolling out one seasonal beer at a time to our distributors across Montana. In Missoula, you can find it at The Rhino, The Depot, & The Old Post. Our first seasonal to go statewide will be our Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA. This unique and tasty beer is perfect for Spring beer drinking due to its fruity, hoppy taste profile. Pair it with blue cheese, aged gouda, grilled white fish, lemon vinaigrette, ceviche, herb roasted chicken, and just about any spicy food you can imagine. Now, we will leave you with these pictures of “fumunda” animals. G’day Mate!

Fumunda Southern Hemisphere IPAFumunda Southern Hemisphere IPA

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