Food Trucks: Grab some Grub

Warning: This post might give you the following side effects: the longing to never cook, instant mouth watering, sudden dislike for your mother’s cooking, the yearning to always pass by the brewery, or an irresistible craving for a food truck meal.  

At Draught Works, we want you to be caught up on the new things going on, and this week we have some exciting news! I am here to catch up on all the different food options that we have here at the brewery. Unfortunately, we do not have a commercial kitchen here, so we do not serve food – instead we focus on crafting the best brews around, and bringing in the best food in town! Below are all the options for pairing food with our beer right here in our taproom, which we encourage wholeheartedly!

German Pretzels & Beer Mustard

The Black Cat Bake Shop creates homemade German pretzels for us here at Draught Works to sell on a daily basis! And along with that, Burn Street Beastro crafts homemade mustard with our beer to pair with the pretzels. They are a perfect snack to go along side any of our beers!

Burn Street Beastro

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This food cart is nothing short of bomb-tastic! These guys are the best in the business, and are a mainstay with our customers! They serve a range of food delicacies from top-notch burgers and fries, to an array of tacos, to the always sold-out wings (because they’re that good). The Beastro cart is some of the best food in town! I can’t even begin to list my favorite foods because I would be listing the whole menu, but if there is one thing I can guarantee is that these fries you cannot get anywhere else! By far, hands down, no competition that these fries are the best in Missoula – you can ask anyone. If you’re still not sold, then I’m not sure you deserve to taste the delectable tacos, or sink your teeth into a mouthwatering burger. These guys are outside the brewery Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. I don’t say they’re the best because I’m biased (maybe a tid-bit), but I definitely don’t lie when I say we receive numerous calls a day to ask if the Beastro is outside!

Big Thai Country

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We are now thrilled to have food available every day of the week! Here at Draught Works we are super excited to announce that we have a new food truck that will be here Sunday through Wednesday from 5-9 PM! This is the first authentic Thai Food Truck in Missoula! If you love Thai, and you love beer, then this is the place to be! They made their big debut here this past Sunday, and it was a hit! The brewery was packed inside and out, and the food was just as fantastic!


Egg Roll – $1 each

Potato Ball – $2 each

Chicken Wings served with Cucumber Salad – $5

Pad Thai: Choice of Tofu or Chicken – $7 or Shrimp – $9

Chicken Karee Curry served with Seasoned Rice & Cucumber Salad – $8

Spicy Basil Over Rice: Choice of pork or chicken – $7 add Fried Egg – $1

We know that adulting can be hard at times, so instead of prepping the food, setting the table, and then actually having to cook – come on down to Draught Works where we have got your back. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a beer alongside a plate of delicious food from one of our great food trucks!

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