Oumar Keita and the Indonesian Percussion Quartet

February 4, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Oumar Keita and the Indonesian Percussion Quartet

Come join us at Draught Works Sunday, February 4th from 5-7pm and check out Oumar Keita and the Indonesian Percussion Quartet!

A native of Guinea, West Africa, Oumar Keita is known for his extensive knowledge of music and history. Oumar showed an interest in traditional music and began singing at an early age. He continues to sing and write traditional music but can also rap in Malinke, Susu and French. Oumar Keita plays traditional instruments like the bolon, gnoni and N’gongoma, which accompany his singing.

Since moving to Missoula with his wife, he has become a member of the community dance and drum group Djebe Bara. The members of the group are grateful to have someone with such a wide variety of expertise and an easy-going attitude. Oumar has decided to venture out of his country’s music and is now learning Gamelan in the local group Marik Harum.

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