Crappy Halloween Costume Contest

October 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Each and every year the Draught Works crew does it’s best to put little to zero effort into organizing a Halloween costume contest. This year, we’re fully embracing our laziness and giving this contest the name it truly deserves, the Draught Works Crappy Halloween Costume Contest. NOTE: We’ve settled on this name not because your costumes should be crappy, but because our execution most likely will be.

Grab your buddies and get on down to the good hood Tuesday, October 31st and grab a pint or two (or three!) before you hit the town.

We’ll have an assortment of really crappy prizes (JK the prizes will be totally awesome!), and winners for each of the following categories will be selected just after 7PM, and you/your group MUST BE PRESENT to win!

Scariest 👹
Funniest (Most Clever) 🦄
Best Couples/Group Costume 👯
Crappiest 💩

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