Employee Profile: Andrew Crompton

Meet Dr. Andrew Crompton!

Andrew Crompton

This guy is our male soloist behind the bar, and handles himself just fine with all the estrogen around him. He is 25 years young from the land of Cali, but considers himself a Montanan nonetheless. He was just accepted into Duke University School of Medicine, and will begin his trek to doctor-hood in a couple months time. A lover of the outdoors, he is saddened to leave Missoula and the great state of Montana.

Question: What are 3 things you cannot live without?

 1. Music
2. Climbing Gear
3. His favorite Arcteryx jacket

Question: If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Pumpkin Orange. I love the color orange because it catches your eye, and it is the giants color.

Question: What is your role here at Draught Works?

Balancing out the hormone levels behind the bar.

Question: Would you consider yourself a hipster?


Follow Up: Isn’t that what hipsters always say?


Question: What kind of beer would you be?

Pale Ale. It is light, but knows how have to have a good time when it gets hot.

Question: How do you celebrate June 23rd of every year?

What is June 23rd? I treat everyday like a celebration because it’s a gift from God.

Question: If you could be any Draught Works employee, who would you be and why?

Matt Blair. Because everyday in Matt’s life he is just beboppin beautiful. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be the most popular guy in Missoula…

Question: Are you jealous that Markie is the face of Clyde Coffee, and not you?

Deep down, yes. I have a deep desire to do everything Markie does.

Question: If you were a regular, where would it be in Missoula and what would your drink be?

I already am at Clyde Coffee! I get my 12 oz. americano, and then get drip refills.

There you have it folks! A little insight to male cohort behind the bar that serves you the best beer in town! Come down to Draught Works to help him celebrate his last few months here in Montana, and show him how much we are going to miss him!

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