The Buck Snort

The Buck SnortAs great as our taproom is, we love that Draught Works beer is available at locations around the state for you to enjoy, so we decided to highlight one of our favorites. 20 miles from Missoula, up on top of Evaro Hill, sits the Buck Snort. It’s a quaint and rustic little bar and restaurant, serving up authentic Montana cuisine as well as a great craft beer selection – including our very own Draught Works Scepter Head IPA. They offer prime rib on Wednesdays and Saturdays which you should definitely check out. If you are a true Montana bad ass though, make sure to order the Horseshoe Sandwich. What is the Horseshoe Sandwich you may ask? “2 beef patties or 2 chicken breasts served open faced on Texas toast, covered in fries, smothered in cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits and green onions.” Its an appetizer, main dish, and side all in one!

“The Buck Snort, located at the top of Evaro Hill offers dining and full bar services indoors and outdoors when the Montana weather permits. We also offer hand cut aged Angus beef steaks, burgers and seafood cut and packaged for your next BBQ at the house or trip to the lake. That way you can enjoy the same quality product always received at the Buck Snort in the comfort of your own home.”

To learn more about The Buck Snort, visit their website!

The Buck Snort

Ryan tackles the Horseshoe Sandwich like a champ.

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