Draught Works’ Quick & Dirty Beer Pairing Guide

Host a beer and cheese pairing party with delicious Draught Works Beer! Impress your friends with your knowledge of pairings! The explosion of craft beer popularity has brought beer and food pairings out from behind the shadow of wine. More and more people are realizing the potential beer has to pair well with any meal, dessert, and snack. Beer really does pair with anything. Since there is an almost limitless selection of beer types to choose from, you are sure to find the right one to pair with whatever it is you might be serving. Here are some pairing ideas for Draught Works’ Flagship & Seasonal beers on tap right now!

beer pairing guide

Did you know that beer can actually complement desserts very nicely? Wary to try them? Believe it. A great way to experience some great beer and dessert pairings is to attend Draught Works’ Valentine’s Day Fourplay event on February 14th! For $12.50/person, you get four hand selected Black Cat Bake Shop desserts as well as four Draught Works beers to pair with them! Remember, the most important part of beer pairing is that YOU like it! Experiment, experiment, experiment, but don’t over think it. So come down to Draught Works, fill your growler, and embark upon your journey into beer and food pairing.

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