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Places who Deliver

Many people come in during the day not knowing we don’t serve food, which is unfortunate because I know the feeling when you are in need of food, but also in need of really good beer! Yes, we typically always have a food cart outside the brewery everyday that begins serving at 5 pm, but the question we are here to answer is where to get food when you arrive before 5!

There are few places in Missoula that deliver, and we aren’t talking about the classic pizza hut or dominoes (and don’t get me wrong – I do love Dominoes thin crust)! But sometimes you just want some good food without having to go get it… And that’s where we have created our top list of restaurants that deliver food here!

  1. The Bridge
  2. Docs Sandwich Shop
  3. Zimorinoes Pizza
  4. Taco Sano
  5. Jimmy Johns

The Bridge Pizza


We are avid Bridge orderers here at Draught Works and there is a reason for that too! We love the Bridge because not only do they have great pizza, but they also have a range of great sandwiches, salads, burritos and pastas to choose from! The only thing to remember is that you have to have a minimum of $10 of food to qualify for delivery so you might have to add a cookie to your order, darn!

Docs Gourmet Sandwich Shop


The thing about docs is they close a bit early, so they only deliver till about 2 or 3 PM so it’s a great option for lunch! They have fantastic sandwiches and soup, so if you are in the mood for literally a gourmet sandwich – this is your best option!

Zimorino’s Pizza


This place is right down the street from Draught Works Brewery, and has some awesome pizza! My favorite is the Zootown pizza not only cause it’s delicious but because if you are in the zoo might as well eat the Zootown pizza!

Taco Sano


Taco Sano is perfect if you are in the mood for Mexican! Missoula has some amazing breakfast burrito places, and Taco Sano is definatley up there! Their burritos are fantastic, and their house-made sauces are to die for!

Jimmy Johns

I mean who doesn’t love freaky fast delivery! If you are starving this is definitely the way to go – and I don’t think I need to help you pick your favorite, but the Italian (#9) is so good!

So, if you happen to need food and a beer do not hesitate to order in and eat here at the brewery with us! But if you’d rather create a homemade meal and bring it in to share with we won’t object to that either!

Happy Eating & Drinking,

Draught Works!

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