5 Best Happy Hours in the Zoo

5 best happy hours in the zooCollege is getting back into session this coming week and we are here to bring you the best Happy Hours in town (for those of you 21 years of age and over, of course). We understand that money is scarce, but that shouldn’t stop you from going out and having a good time all the while enjoying great drinks and tasty food! We have scoured Missoula for some of our favorite Happy Hours and created a list that should keep you satisfied!

  1. Top Hat (3-6 PM)

They have a lot of their FANTASTIC appetizers for a bit cheaper than they are on the menu as well as beer on tap for less than $3! My favorite is the bacon and bleu flatbread and their tots! Being a tot gal myself, there are two places in this town that I vow have the best tots in the world – this being one of them!

2. The Bridge

Not only is this a great place with beer and pizza, but they have a killer deal that is very hard to pass up! One slice of pizza and one beer for $3 or two slices and a beer for $6! Seriously, if you are craving pizza and beer – don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.

3. Plonk

Monday nights are the times to SIN, or go to SIN, I mean. If you work in the service industry, and want a night to sip on a cocktail and taste a round of cheeses, Plonk is your go to place. SIN nights (Service Industry Night) on Mondays are a night where they have a special menu that you can order from that doesn’t break the bank. They have a $3, $5, and $8 menu that you can choose from that have some awesome choices, my favorite being the gin and juice and the chefs choice cheese platter! So delicious! They also have a late night Happy Hour that starts at 10:30 so hit it up folks! I know you hoot owls are looking for delicious food after hours, and this is a great option!

4. Jakers

For those of you college kids who decided living off Brooks was a good idea, Jakers is not far from you and another option for a classier happy hour! On Sunday – Wednesday 9 PM to 11 PM and 9 PM to 12 PM on Thursday – Saturday they have $3 off all appetizers! This is an awesome deal – especially if you have the munchies… just saying. And we can’t deny that their rolls with the honey butter are to die for!

5. Tamarack

This is always a hit place to go to watch sports, to start your evening out, or just to meet up with old friends, however from 4 – 6 PM they have a fantastic happy hour! They also have a sick shuffleboard you can take advantage of while sipping on a brew!

There are a ton of great places to eat, drink, and be merry at around Missoula! The trick is to finding out where to go on specific days, and make it a weekly venture! Just because you’re a poor college student, or just scrounging for change doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home on Monday night. Find where the deals are and enjoy a night out with your friends without breaking the bank! The whole point of college (besides getting a degree) is having experiences that will turn into memories! You don’t have to go wild, but at least get out of the house for a little bit… Sunlight, or streetlights, might do you some good!

Cheers & Beers!

Draught Works Brewery

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